Oda In Between Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp


Directly inspired by the industrial monuments photographed by the famous Dusseldorf Becher School, Sebastian Herkner bundles up their outer shape and inner function of a steel casting foundry for Pulpo Oda. As a result, the glowing homage to light is a source for cosiness and has since then become a reference to contemporary lighting design. Available in size small, medium, in between, big.

Energy Class

A+ for oda big, oda in between and oda medium


In Between: 177″” ΓΈ x 437″” h (450x1112cm)

Cable length: 157.5″” (400cm)


Handmade Glass + Steel

Finishing Available:

Glass: Amber/ Amber acetato / Aubergine / Moonlight white / Smoky grey / Smoky grey acetato / White

Steel: Powder coated / chrome plated / Brass finish.