Oda Medium Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp


Directly inspired by the industrial monuments photographed by the famous Dusseldorf Becher School, Sebastian Herkner bundles up their outer shape and inner function of a steel casting foundry for Pulpo Oda. As a result, the glowing homage to light is a source for cosiness and has since then become a reference to contemporary lighting design. Available in size small, medium, in between, big.

Energy Class

A+ for oda big, oda in between and oda medium


33.5″” H x 17.75″” ø
85 cm H x 45 cm ø


Handmade Glass + Steel

Finishing Available:
Glass: Amber/ Amber acetato / Aubergine / Moonlight white / Smoky grey / Smoky grey acetato / White
Steel: Powder coated / Brass finish.